Discoverer Tour Profile




Discoverer Tour Profile

Discoverer Tour Service Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 by Mr. Mao-Lung Lee with his passion in travel and ambition to establish a brand which customers could rely on and trust.

It was the first Taiwanese to be awarded the China Tibet Tour, Xinjiang Tour, and Qinghai Provincial Commission of Tourism Development, and was specially awarded a senior tour guide for tourism consultants, and was awarded the Tourism Bureau with excellent tourism industry employees.


Mr. Mao-Lung Lee, who is responsible for many years of operating Tibetan groups, must overcome difficulties beyond the average travel itinerary and lead a group of professional tourism practitioners who have specialized in special tourism for many years and have professional experience to create a "quality of service", "Travel agencies" and "Quality Tourism" travel agency.


All employees of the Discoverer Tour have always upheld their professional knowledge, enthusiastic service, professionalism, and diligent work attitude. This has enabled the company's obscure talents from the travel industry to gain access to various airlines and domestic and foreign tourism. Relevant operating units and consumers generally acknowledged, and in 1994 and 2010, won the Tourism Bureau as the "Excellent Sightseeing Industry Practitioner"


In 2006 and 2010, it was twice awarded the Taipei Tourism Professional Union and was awarded the Two Star Sunshine Medal.


83 years of excellent tourism industry practitioners medals

99th Annual Sightseeing Industry Practitioners Award

Two Star Sunshine Medal


Business philosophy

1.To establish a professional image: planning correct and abundant, intellectual and emotional, in-depth and leisure travel itinerary, establish a professional tourism image.
2.Raise the contents of high satisfaction: the pursuit of zero-defect travel schedules and high-quality customer service, allowing travelers to enjoy a bumpy tour.
3.Absolutely responsible attitude: Absolute responsibility for clients, customer-oriented attitude, in addition to the satisfaction of the clients, also keep them safe. Because safety is most important thing.
4.In order to enhance the professional quality of company staff (tour leader) service personnel, there are staff assignments seminars held every quarter, so that each employee (tour leader) learning and professional qualities can be increased day by day, looking forward to the group operating zero-defect, but also improve clients satisfaction.
5.We also organize various travel seminars on a regular basis. We also accept invitations from universities and social organizations (foundations) to conduct related lectures.


The Ministry of Communications Tourism Bureau issued the travel industry license registration number 6862.

Member of Taipei Travel Business Association


Member of the Republic of China Travel Industry Quality Assurance Association 北1573號


Trademark:The following registered trademarks have been applied for registration and issued by the Intellectual Property Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, becoming the registered trademark of the company (name of the tour group)。

Trademark-Finder tour






Cooperation Case

In addition to organizing general sightseeing tours, personal travel services and regular self-organized tour groups, the Discoverer Tour have also undertaken overseas performances or domestic and foreign incentive tours for a number of companies, units, organizations and groups. The total number of travel agencies is: “AsiaTravel”, “China” Connect" Host: Jade Chia and "Gala Television Corporation" "The Great Adventure" Host:Wen-Cheng Shen, "World's No.1" Host: Morrison Ni and "Guizhou Travel" Host:Coco Chiang, assisted in the above-mentioned foreign programming to Tibet and Shooting in ethnic minority areas.


There are also Tpipei Architects Association, Taipei Professional civil Engineers Association, TECO Electric and Machinery, CAL Engineering & Maintenance Organization, Public Group, GO-IN Engineering, etc. (several groups, companies, and organizations) employees traveling abroad or abroad. Participating exhibitions and performances can all be satisfactorily endorsed by various organizations in accordance with the needs of various units and successful arrangements.

And accepted the CTV News Channel, Broadcasting Corporation of China, Cheng Sheng Broadcasting Corp,Radio Taiwan International and Taiwan National BroadCasting Company (as customer accept the interview).


Travel agency selling products

Asia area:
South Asian countries:Bhutan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal
Western Asia countries:Armenia, Iran, Qatar, Turkey
Central Asian countries:Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan
East Asian countries:Mongolia, China,South Korea, Japan
Southeast Asia countries:Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar


European area:
Western European countries:United Kingdom, France
Central European countries:Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany
Southern European countries:Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia
Northern European countries:Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Sweden

African countries:Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Morocco,Egypt

Oceania countries:Australia, New Zealand

America area:
South America countries:Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador
North America countries:America, Canada


South and North polar:Antarctica, Arctic


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